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[i.MX6] One question about PCIe I/F

Question asked by Paul_Kang Employee on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by Paul_Kang

I have one quesiton about PCIe circuit connection to i.MX6 device for proper PCI device operation. Could anybody answer to it?

The question is, actually, it is very clear about Sabre A (It only has PCIe data connection to mini PCI connector) I but in case of Sabre SD, I found there are some other signals connected to mini PCI connector.


Below is my understanding. If there is anything incorrect, please correct it.


  1. PCIe_CRXM/P, PCIe_CTXM/P à PCIe interface
  2. PCIe_CREFCLKM/P à CLK from CLK0_N/P or CLK1_N/P of i.MX6
  3. PCIe_UIM_xxx à All for SIM card and not connected to i.MX6
  4. PCIe_USBDM/P à USB HOST port of i.MX6
  5. LED_xxxx_B à LED on board. Not connected to i.MX6
  6. PCIe_DIS_B, PCIe_RST_B, PCIe_WAKE_B à GPIO, can be connected to any GPIO of i.MX6
  7. PCIe_SMC_CLK/DAT à I2C I/F and connected to i.MX6 I2C I/F



Thank you!