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how to install a tcl extension/package in debugger shell?

Question asked by kig on May 20, 2013

Hi all, i'm new to using the debugger shell, and I understand it uses TCL, 8.4 i believe? anyway...

I'm trying to install an extension, called tcom, and i've been able to get it to work with the windows tcl implementation (not the tcl inside code warrior), but i am unable to figure out how to install packages in freescales TCL/debugger shell

after placing the package folder in the /lib/ folder with the tcl folder inside it, i'm supposed to type "package require tcom", but i get this response:

Error: can't find package tcom


when I type just "package" in order to make sure i have that command i get:

Error: wrong # args: should be "package option ?arg arg ...?"


I suspect that knowing where freescale's tcl is looking for packages may help, but i can find no documentation on this, and looking to what auto_path has is also a dead end, because there is no $auto_path variable in freescales implementation, typing "puts $auto_path" gives "Error: can't read "auto_path": no such variable"


so, I'd be grateful for any help on this


p.s: the package tcom claims to work for tcl as far back as tcl8.1 so I hope the version is not the issue