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Store data on internal non Volatile Memory

Question asked by sebasira on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 4, 2017 by stefano conegian

Hello to you all!


I'm new at Kinetis MCUs... Rigth now, we're no using any RTOS, just bare-metal projects. I have a PC application that communicate with the TWRK60 using the uart.

The idea of the PC app is to program some parameters of the firmware. Before Kinetis, on HCS12 and CFv1 MCUs I stored this data into internal FLASH or EEPROM. Rigth now, I'm confused about this and the FlexMem.


Does anyone know about a simple way to store data (non-volatile data) in the K60 internal memory? I've downloaded C90TFS driver but it seem way too complex.


I'm using IAR IDE.


Thanks!! Best Regards!