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Does mx25 requires SwapBBI support in NAND driver?

Question asked by Rohith Ramesh on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 19, 2013 by Shaojun Wang
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I'm running a custom kernel on a custom board based on mx25.

It has a 2GB micron nand flash.(2k+64B spare)

Kernel is based freescale L2.6.28 release.

I became aware of  the SwapBBI issue/feature with the NFC(attached document), when investigating nand corruption issues.

The newer releases have a swap BBI feature in the mxc nand driver.

My query is: Is this applicable to MX25 so that I can back port the driver?

Obviously I would need to propagate the changes to boot loader and factory flash programmer.

In some forums, I read that it would be applicable to only imx31 and imx27 and hence the confusion.