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BSP cloning for MK20DN512VLK10

Question asked by Frederic Parent on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by Martin Latal


I want to develop a project using MQX 4.0 and the Kinetis MK20DN512VLK10 on CW10.3 (without PE) but until the final hardware will be ready, I'm developping on the TWR-K60F120M eval board. To make the BSP for the official hardware, I use the BSPCloningWizard tool to clone the twrk60d100m BSP that I think is the closest BSP for my project. I successfully compile the twrk60d100m clone (bsp, psp and usbd), I modify my project link to clone BSP header files and libs and finally, I successfull compile the project with the new BSP clone.


But I have some questions:

  1. Knowing there was no BSP for the MK20DN512VLK10 from Freescale and knowing on the TWR-K60d100M (this board use the MK60DN512VMD10) descriptions on the Freescale web page (TWR-K60D100M Product Summary Page) there specify that supported K10_100, K20_100 and K60_100: Can I use directly the BSPCloningWizard result (with or without project minors modifications)?
  2. If I want an official MK20DN512VLK10 BSP, some source files modifications are needed for a real porting. What are rules to modify them and what are all these files? Example:
    • Create a new cpu definitions in the "psp_cpudef.h" Ex create "PSP_CPU_MK20D100M" definition for my cpu.
    • Create a cpu specific PSP cortex_m file definitions Ex create a "MK20D10.h" file for my cpu
    • Modify the "kinetis.h" to support the new cpu definition and cpu psp header file.
    • and ?
  3. I read the MQX user guide at chapter 5 and I think that I don't have all information for BSP porting.
  4. I read the Application Notes AN4287 and I found no answer because it is a manual operation description that BSPCloningWizard done and I already change header file and library links in my project. There was other documentation for BSP porting?


Anybody can help me?