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Features on OpenVG next Releases

Discussion created by Ioseph Martinez Pelayo Employee on Apr 15, 2013
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I would also use this thread to gather any ideas or suggestions or features you would like to see on the coming releases. No promises they will be included but definitely will be considered.

This is the list of features on the next releases of OpenVG for Vybrid from Freescale.

It may change, but is the plan so far...

Release 0.5.0

1. Support MQX 4.0.2 Alpha2 (on TWR and AutoEVB) and 4.0.1 Beta3(on TWR)

2. Redefine the API architecture

  1. make MQX_template_list available to the application
  2. add fbdev abstraction on DCU
  3. write simple “fbws” window system on MQX to support EGL window surface
  4. make eglfsl private extension obsolete

3. Merge vivante 4.6.9p11 release

4. Enable openvg trace info for debuggin


Details on future releases are just general:


Release 0.6.0

- Conformance Test Compliance


Release 0.7.0

- Performance Improvements


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