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Creating a New BSP

Question asked by Colin Dawson on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by adt 123

First of all I'm using CW10.3 with MQX 3.8.1.

In the MQX Real-Time Operating System User guide chapter 5 it describes using a "Cloned Existing Configuration" to develop a new BSP.  I'm attempting to go from a TWR-K60n512 to my board which uses a K60FX512VLQ15.  I already cloned the BSP successfully, but I don’t know what to change in all those files that chapter 5 mention. Are there any examples on how to manipulate the files mentioned?  Especially when making changes going from the TWR-K60n512 to the K60FX512VLQ15.


Currently when attempting to debug my board with the cloned BSP I get this error:

Failed writing target address0

Expected Result: 0x200fbff

Actual Result: 0xffffffff


I verified the memory map is different looking at Chapter 4 in the Reference Manual for each chip.   Now I could really use some suggestions on how to use the memory map in the reference manual to make the changes in all those files mentioned in Chapter 5 of the MQX real-time operating system user guide.  Or is it the *mem file in the debugger Config?