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Read PCM data from BT chip i2s interface

Question asked by Vaisakh Nandakumar on Mar 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by Adrian Alonso
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Hi All,

I was trying  read pcm data from the BT chip(CSR 83110 ) via i2s  while its in HFP connection.

For that

  • I have configured the i2s path with BT chip ( inside bt stack with BCCM commands )
  • Added the driver by change in the board file and written dummy codec for bt and configured cpu_dai as ssi.2 ( Referred sgltcodec drivers )
  • Device listed in the alsa device list ( as card 1,and it takes cpu_dai imx-ssi.2 and platform imx-platform-audio.2 )
  • BT chip is enabled in i2S mode ( master ).
  • But I tried to read like

$ arecord -D hw:1 -f S16_LE

It wait for some time and gives io error !!!

Please correct me If any thing wrong in my method.

Please give me if you have any references(code examples) for the same.


With advance thanks


With thanks

Vaisakh N