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IMX 53 change RAM size. U-boot or/and Linux .

Question asked by Janis Coders on Mar 18, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2013 by Fabio Estevam

Hi, we have a custom board based on imx53 QSB, but we have 4*128 MB of RAM (512MB) unlike QSB which has 4*256 MB (1GB).

Everything was working fine until one day we noticed that on large data copying or when RAM is used a lot, then our board (Linux) just hangs and everything stops without any feedback.

I didn't change anything in RAM configuration, because everything was fine. If I make a load on RAM and watch the free memory using free command, then I see that everything hangs around 256MB of memory usage.

I've tried passing the mem=512M value from u-boot, but still the hanging issue. If I pass around 240M, then everything is fine.


So the questions are - could this be a RAM issue? Maybe this is the CS (Chip Select) register issue, because it thinks it has 512Mb. Does everything is reinitialized in Linux from zero? OR memory is initialized in u-boot and fixing there will fix Linux too? Because u-boot is working fine and I don't want to spend time messing there and have no results in Linux.

Could you point me to files in source code where those values can be modified?



Thank you.