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fopen sdcard problem

Question asked by loic boillot on Mar 5, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by alexandrevincon


i work on the example of the sdcard. i have a mcf52259 and MQX3.8.


i had build the librairies and after the project.

but i block on the fopen("sdcard:", 0) because i have the message "Unable to open SD card device."


I found that the ChipSelect of the spi never be at 0 but i see the clock signal.


i have insert the line

#define BSP_SDCARD_GPIO_CS                       (GPIO_PORT_QS | GPIO_PIN3)

in the twrmcf52259.h . Is it a good idea ?


In the user_config.h, i had enabled the spi0.


Somebody can help me please ?


Thanks very much.