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iMX53 dma and uart

Question asked by nicolask on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by Alan Levy
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I try to activate the DMA with UART5 on a custom board with the kernel linux-2.6.35, but when I do exchange data on uart, I have a DMA_ERROR sr1:2040  sr2:508a   (or sr1=2010 sr2:5089) .


I try to change the size of different received buffers ( UART5_DMA_RXBUFSIZE from serial.h , or  RXDMA_BUFF_SIZE from mxc_uart.c ) but nothing change, i always have the same error.


The uart in normal mode at 115200 bauds works well but i need to increase the baud rate up to 2,000,000 .


Is there any solution or patch ? I search but i don't find anything actually.


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