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Beestack multicast route discovery issues

Question asked by Chris Broadbent on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by Alan Led Collins Rivera

I'm doing some experimenting with beekit, and am having issues with multicasts under very specific circumstances:


  • Zigbee pro
  • All members of the multicast group are end devices
  • The message is sent from someone outside the group


Since the message is from outside the group, the sender will do a unicast transmission to a member of the group, who will then perform a broadcast. The problem is that the route discovery command to find a member of the group never gets delivered to end devices, and therefore never gets delivered to a group member, so a route is never found, and the multicast message is never sent.


The process works find when there is a router that is part of the group, but not when there is only end devices.


Any way to fix this, besides turning on the use broadcast for group messages option?