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how can i resolve Ltib compilation dependencies for IMX6 platform?

Question asked by siva kumar on Feb 12, 2013

Hi All,


I am trying to install and compile the ltib source for IMX6 platform on Ubuntu10.01, But it failing at ltib compilation, I want to know some information for host setup.


1) Can i use Fedora for LTIB installation. Or it's mandatory to use Ubuntu to install LTIB. Is Ubuntu 10.10 will support for IMX6 ?

2) Ltib installation was terminating due to rpm and rpm-build packages are not installed on Ubuntu10.01, I tryed to resolve this dependencies to install rpm and prm-build on Ubuntu host by giving the command "sudo apt-get install rpm" but it fails to install package from that mirrors.


Is there any solutions to resolve this problem, Please help me to go forward....


Thanks & Regards