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K61 SPI master driver problem, MQX4.0, or is it me?

Question asked by Tom Junkans on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by Tom Junkans

Has anyone seen this type of behavior with the new SPI driver from MQX4.0?

-I have a custom board with a K61fn1 and I cannot get the 4.0 SPI driver to work.

-My crude hard-coded SPI driver works on this board fine, meaning hardware is OK (I think).

-Using the MQX/example/SPI project, the SPI driver opens fine 

     spifd = fopen (TEST_CHANNEL, NULL);      --->#define TEST_CHANNEL "spi1:" All good.

-All the ioctl commands to spifd work fine, get and set baud rate, get and set clock mode, etc---

-The problem is when I do -->result = fwrite (buffer, 1, 1, spifd); (from example SPI) the function fails.


Is there anything anyone can think of? any ideas are much appreciated.