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Custom BSP and breakpoints don't work

Question asked by Jerry Stoner on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by Jerry Stoner

I am using CW 10.3 with the appropriate MQX tools installed. I have a PEMicro Multilink Universal debugger. I have a custom board using a MK20DN512ZVLL10, running MQX 3.8.1. However, my BSP is from the K20D72M and I had to do some modifications to that BSP to account for differences in the MCG registers. I also changed the code to use the internal 8pf loading caps.

I had posted a question before, thought I figured it out but it turns out I didn't. I am trying a different approach now. My problem is that I can't actually seem to get breakpoints to work. First, if I set them they never actually trigger. Even if I set them in the cortex_boot.s file. I can step around just fine, just can't hit breakpoints. Second, if I set a breakpoint it doesn't do a single blue dot, it does a \ with a check mark. Hovering over it in the debugger view, it says "Multiple markers at this line" and lists the same breakpoint twice. They're address breakpoints FWIW.

I can't help but think these problems are related. The same debugger runs the same code (with a different BSP obviously) just fine on a twrk20d72m demo board and everything debugs normally.