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Debugging IMX6Q IPU via JTAG

Question asked by Craig Petku on Dec 14, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by Mark Middleton

Does anyone have experience accessing the IPU registers directly using a JTAG debug tool?  I need to verify that the settings being passed to the CSI configuration registers are correct.


The addresses in the RM aren't making sense to me.  Using a Lauterbach debugger I expect to be able to access the IPU registers directly when the processor is taken out of reset before enabling the MMU (e.g., stopped in u-boot).  Bus Errors occur when using the addresses in the RM Memory map  and also when using values contained in plat_mxc/include/mach/mx6.h.  It should be noted that the memory maps in the RM appear to have a discontinuity between sections 2 & 39.


It appears the addresses in the perimx6.per file provided by FSL point to the middle of DDR (0x20400000), so they are useless.