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SPI component - using Tx FIFO - continuous mode

Question asked by Dave Danenberg on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Dave Danenberg

I need to be a SPI master and send words greater than 16 bits. If I were to write my own driver, I see the PUSHR with Tx FIFO register looks promising. However, I would rather use CodeWarrior's ProcessorExpert (Component Inspector) to create a suitable SPI device drivers. I am wondering if someone has come across this - and if there is a SPI "bean" created that has a SPI driver that supports longer words (I need 24 bit).


I can create a SPI init bean that may be helpful (havent tested it yet) - and of course a regular SPI Master LDD bean. Is there a way for init_SPI and SPIMaster_LDD to play together? (component sharing somehow?) Or am I relegated to cut/pasting/editing my own driver.