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How mesh , Star networks are formed in Zigbee profile

Question asked by John Flanno on Nov 8, 2012
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I'm a beginner with zigbee . I wish to know how mesh , star networking are done in zigbee?

I wish to know how the network decides it will connect through mesh here , through star here etc? I wish to know the mechanism , Say for example a co-ordinator has four routers connected to it . One in South West of co-ordinator(c) , one in SE of C , One in North West of C and other in NE of C. Each router has 5 childs . I believe it will connect in a cluster tree formation here no? Then routers will connect to End device through star . I wish to know how it decides it will connect in a such a way . I'm just assuming . It will connect in this fashion. Since ED(child of routers) wont be in proximity of c0-ordinator it wont be mesh. How the mechanism works