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SPI block device

Question asked by Andrew Morris on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by Yixing Kong
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Hi there,

so a few months ago i started playing around with an i.mx23 evk board for a project im working on. I was having issues communicating via the spi port. I had some help in another post here: on how to get spi communication on the board.

For a while i couldn't focus much on the project, and as such i did not get very far with the spi communication. I have taken example code that is shipped with the kernel documentation and tried to send data over the spi port on the 120 pin breakout connector using a custom PCB (see photo) IMG_20121023_114847.jpg

Essentially, the issue i am having is actually getting a block device for the spi interface in /dev. I have compiled the spi packages into the kernel, inbuilt not as modules, and i can see 'spi' in /proc/devices, however there is no /dev/spidev or /dev/spi or anything relevant to spi in /dev that i can use to physically communicate over the port. What am i missing? How do i gain access to a spi block device so my code can open the device for communication?