Akshaya Mukund Hosalli

Using TWR-MEM with MQX/TWRK60N512

Discussion created by Akshaya Mukund Hosalli on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by David E Seymour

I am trying to increase the heap memory available to me in my application, for which purpose I got a TWR-MEM.


For places where I want to use a different memory pool (the one from the TWR-MEM) I used the _mem_create_pool() with the External MRAM Base and Size as arguments.


_mem_pool_id    _MRAM_pool_id;

void mram_create_pool()



if(_MRAM_pool_id == NULL)   






I then use the function as shown below for mallocs on the External SRAM


pointer mram_alloc(int mem_size)


return _mem_alloc_from(_MRAM_pool_id, mem_size);



The code I am using was something I got off the forum. (and thank you to the one who posted this)

The problem I am facing is that everytime I called the mram_alloc I end up with the hard-fault which is triggered by the _lwmem_alloc_internal() funciton in lwm_alli.c.

I feel I am doing something fundamentally wrong here. If anyone has any pointers I would appreciate it.