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Spansion Quad SPI driver with i.MX283

Question asked by Jesus Alvarez on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2012 by Jesus Alvarez

I am considering a quad SPI flash for an i.MX283 design. The intent is to use it as a boot device with the kernel and a small boot filesystem, similar to the layout described in Bacem Daassi's presentation (i.MX28_Building_Blocks.pptx).


1. Does the Spansion quad SPI driver implement 32-bit addressing to support devices larger than 16MB? The instructions list up to 16MB devices (S25FL129P) which may imply 24-bit addressing.

2. Does the driver support a read-write filesystem?

3. Has the Spansion driver been updated to support 3.x kernels?

4. The datasheet for the Spansion S25FL128S and S25FL256S specify a hybrid sector size where the first and last 64KB sectors can be erased in 4KB blocks. What is the purpose of using different erase block sizes? Sectors on most flash devices are symmetric and use uniform erase block sizes.