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CodeWarrior Release 4

Discussion created by Mu Zulik on Jun 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2007 by Tom Thompson
Hi. I am novice programmer using CodeWarrior Release 4 on Mac OS 9. When using the menu and then selecting new project, then Mac OS, then C_C++, then Standard Console, then Std C Console PPC (DLL) to bring the project windows up, the Sources, ANSI Libraries, and Mac Libraries folders inside a window appeared. Then I wanted to run the sample program from the sources folder that CodeWarrior gave which is just saying "Hello World", but it does not give me the output. Instead it gives an error saying the following message: 'Could not lauch "Std C Console PPC DLL" because the library "MSL C.PPC.DLL" was not found'. But when I searched the computer I did found such a file. Would you please tell me of how to solve this problem or what needs to be done to make CodeWarrior recognize that the file is there. If you happen to know how to solve this problem, please tell me so. Thank you very much for even reading my article.