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MC9s08GT60 , Power Consumption , Beacon network

Discussion created by mike moro on Jun 19, 2007
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i'm studying power consumption on MC9s08GT60 ZigBee sensor.
Network: - a Device, battey alimented wich need optimization consumtion
         - a coordinator
i have 2 question.
- i have to realize a beaconed network with low power consumtion. i just realize "this" network without beacon( only indirect trasmission with device  in STOP3+HIBERNATE...)
Freescale Support  just send me a project where the device go in DeepSleep, and, when it wakes up, it do a poll request and synchronize itself with coordinator' beacon. But with this confuguration the device need to do a trasmission ( Transmitter on -->27 mA !!!), and i don't want this. i'd like the device , when go in PD mode, don't lose synchronism with coordinator and continue traks beacon frame.
is it possible? maybe with WAIT+Hibernate or WAIT+Doze? ( the problem is that the code don't work correctly, if i use PWR_CheckForAndEnterNewPowerState(Sleep,xxxxx), but only with PWR_CheckForAndEnterNewPowerState(DeepSleep,xxxxx)  )

- AN EXPERT ADVICE : do you think beaconed Network can be a good solution for optimization of power consumtion or do you think indirect transmission is better? STOP3 is real better then WAIT, in particular if the devices should have to stay in PD for long time.
i don't have 1 a particular scenario, but device always wakes up because of a timer. ( periodically transmission)
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