Rodney Fulk

Newbie Question about Debug Connectors and how to use.

Discussion created by Rodney Fulk on Aug 6, 2012

Hello, I have some basic assumptions at this point in time and I wanted to ask here if I am on the right track.


With the QSB I am under the impression that we have 3 Different ways to connect a "debug" connection to the QSB.


Serial (db-9)




My impression is that any of these do the same thing. Basically you open up a telenet port from the PC through the Debug port and you get a textual login. The system will report any system errors and results to this command line. You can also run programs straight from this command line and get results. If it is a graphic program then that program will run in the associated screen the same as if it was chosen to run from anywhere else.

In comparison this would be similar to the 1st login in a non GUI installation of Linux (And most other unixes).


So if I am building a Headless board that I want to run programs from another computer would this be the best way to do it? Just open a telenet connection through the debug port and control it that way?


Also, is there anything special I need to do to use anything other than the Serial port for Debug? I have NOT used this as of yet and hoping I can just plug in a USB cable.