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( help ! )  I'm creating a New Power Measurement Model !!

Discussion created by mike moro on Jun 12, 2007
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hi guys, sorry if  i ask you other informations about power measurement.
i'm solving problems about physical measurement on power consumption of my sensors, but now i want more!!! i use MC9S08GT60, but i think it should be the same for many other sensors.
i'm trying to create ( ...i know many of you just did it :smileyhappy:  ) a STATIC-MATHEMATICAL-METHOD with wich i can APPROXIMATELY calculate power consumption(only on device,wich is battery alimented).
my network is composed by 2 sensor: 1-coordinator, send data indirectly to a device
                                                               2-device, receive data from coordinator and send a number 
                                                                   to coord, then it go in power down (STOP3+HIBERNATE)
                                                                   and wake ub by RTI (every 3 sec)
i'd like you look at my following model, and please tell me if you can see some mistake:
Average current for cycle = (MCU STOP3 current * time in STOP3) / time for cycle +
                                             (MCU RUN current * time in RUN)/ time for cycle +
                                             (RTI-ON current * time in STOP3)/ time for cycle +
                                             (RADIO IDLE current * time in IDLE)/ time for cycle +
                                             (RADIO TX current * time in TX)/ time for cycle +
                                             (RADIO RX current * time in RX)/ time for cycle +
                                             (RADIO HIBERNATE * time in HIBERNATE)/ time for cycle.
ok,now, about RADIO time in HIb,TX,RX,IDLE, i think i'll use statistic study on that argument.
i have only to use a timer to calculate how long MCU-RUN is.(no problem to do this)
do you see any mistake?
do anybody else just did what i'm doing?
is this a coherent model?
i know it's approximate!!! :smileyhappy:
if you have some advice it should be important for me.