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Minimal boot-loader for IMX6 Sabrelite

Discussion created by Ullas Ullas on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by Omar Pighi


The default boot loader on the SPI-NOR flash for IMX6 Sabrelite seems to be u-boot. My intention is to replace this with the minimal loader and load U-boot from SDCard instead.

Linaro's wiki provides a set of binaries as part of iMX6DQ_SPI_to_SD_loader_binaries_rev1.0.zip, but the image doesn't seem to boot.
(I tried downloading iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC3.bin using both u-boot and MFGTool.)

Now, i am searching for the boot-loader's source so that i can build the image and try downloading.

Any links to the code/tested image, suggestions and/or alternative methods to solve the problem would be of great help.

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