Rex Smith

U-Boot booting off parallel NOR on ARD

Discussion created by Rex Smith on Jul 2, 2012


Anybody tried to build and boot U-Boot off the ARD board's parallel NOR flash. I'm using a DDR3 Automotive board not a Tablet but thought it would be similar. 


Long story short, setting up the IVT should be as simple as setting the correct offset but the plug-in has hard-coded offset for the SD card so I know it was probably never tested in that configuration.


Also any help with setting up the IVT/Boot Data Structure for run in place on the NOR would be appreciated. Should I still use the ROM plug-in hooks to init the DDR or just copy the code into into "start" and be done with it. 


Switched over to the OBDS because it has the IVT and U-Boot failed to compile when I commited out the CONFIG_SYS_NO_FLASH which forces U-Boot to init the NOR flash.