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Can i.MX53 support mulitiple decoder more than 4 instances?

Discussion created by Jason Shi on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2012 by Jason Shi

Hello, we are working on a NVR like project with i.MX53, we want to decode 8 or 16 H.264 streams from external devices like IPCamera or USB camera (with H.264 video encoder inside), for the multiple video preview, we want to live view a combined big image by using 8 or 16 QCIF small images which are decode from H.264 stream. But I found in VPU spec that it can only handle 4 decode instances synchronically, it means that i can only decode 4 h.264 stream at same time, so i can only connet 4 external devices. For the performance, I think it's easy for i.MX53's VPU to handle 16 QCIF bitstream decoding, 16CIF's resolution is only a D1 (720x576). Maybe the restriction of max 4 decode instances is due to the firmware of BIT 16 bit DSP. All of the h.264 stream are from same H.264 video encoder, so I think the BIT don't need reload the decode code frequently, it will save some performance and context set switching bandwidth.

Do you have some BIT firmware which can handle more decode instances than 4  with api of vpu_DecOpen()?

We are working on the i.MX53 for 4 months, and if i.MX53 can not handle this, how about i.MX6?