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ATD for MC13213 SRB

Discussion created by Francois DUGUE on Jun 5, 2007
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Hi all.
I hope to have some answer here...
I have the MC13213-SRB dev kit (MC9S08GT/GB60 with RF modem)
There are an accelerometer on board, with the project "Acceleremeter V3.mcp" 
I try to develop an application using a simple various resistor.
Has you know, there are some pin on the board to connect other device, and to dev customised appilcation.
This pin could be for I/O or for the ATD mods...
For a quick dev I try to annalyse the Accelerometer project, to find where can I modify the ATD channel, but this way is hard...
Could you help me for this way?
Thx for all.