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M52233 : I am a newbies PLEASE help me to create an socket please please please !!!! :'(

Discussion created by Quemerais Thierry on May 31, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2007 by Quemerais Thierry
Hello all world,

After 2 weeks of research , I don't have succeed to create an simple socket on the M52233 like windows :

connect(IdSocket,(SOCKADDR *)&adr_serveur,sizeof(adr_serveur));
send (IdSocket, BUFFER, size, 0);

I am despaired because on this forum all peoples said : "there are an exemple in directory of CodeWarrior..." but I don't find exemple for create socket... or if I find an exemple this exemple don't functions !!!

Please help me, to create a simple socket who functions!! :'( :'( :'( :'(

I don't know how to use the eth.h and other files...

If you are an tutorial which good exemple and screen for realise this ?

I have look and download and install the module of http://www.utasker.com/ and he functions but he don't explain how to create a socket .... :smileysad: (but the person in charge of the website is very simpatical ^^)

I am despaired, thanks for your answer and sorry for my bad english ... I'am french