hb chen

IMX53 - Can't change uboot display to DI0 !?!

Discussion created by hb chen on Apr 18, 2012

I enable CONFIG_SPLASH_SCREEN and set "lvds_num=0x01" in uboot Mx53_smd.h, I can measure
DI1_DISP_CLK clock wave and see logo at LVDS1 interface. But if I change lvds_num=0x0 in uboot, IMX53 didn't output signal to DI0 interface. DI0_DISP_CLK is alwys at high level.

How to change uboot to show logo at DI0 interface ?


DI0 Interface has been verified in kernel. I can enable DI0 in Linux kernel and WinEC7. But I can't achieve DI0 to show logo in uboot.