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Win7 'getting started' problems

Discussion created by Ed Sutter on Jan 11, 2012
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I'm new to this group, just getting started with the SABRE platform.  My end goal is to get Win7 Embedded on the SABRE and transfer a few .NET applications from standard Win7PC to SABRE.

I must be missing some of the docs for getting started.  I've installed the BSP (using  WCE700_11.05.03_ER.msi), read through the release notes and users guide (WCE700_MX53_ER_1105_SMD_xxx.pdf).  Regarding BSP installation, the release notes say to refer to the users guide and the users guide says to refer to the release notes (not an encouraging start).  Regardless, it appears that the .msi installer does the work to create the WINCE700 directory tree, so I think that's in good shape.

So, moving on , between the two documents, they refer to these items as requirements:

- Visual Studio 2008 SP1

   I have this

- Platform Builder 7

  Don't have this yet.

- Windows Embedded Compact 7 [RTM] Drop

  I *think* i have this (isn't this installed by WCE700_11.05.03_ER.msi?)

- RealView Tools

  Do I need this?

- Manufacturer Tool

  I have this (from freescale).


Thanks in advance for all/any answers or pointers,