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difference between zigbee stack(figure 8 wireless) to bee-stack (bee kit )

Discussion created by Ashwini Shetty on Apr 11, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2007 by Ashwini Shetty
i was working  on zigbee protocol and worked on Z-stack (figure8wireless) which is based zigbee specification 2004 and there was a product developed on it. now since zigbee 2006 spec got released we are planning to implement bee-stack on it. i wanted to know
1. how far there are changes in bee-stack to z-stack?
2. why there was new evolution of bee-stack , doesnt it make difficult for the users who already developed the z-stack?
3. is there any document which shows the differences between z-stack and bee-stack?
4. if i buy bee-stack from freescale wud i be getting any document which gives differences on both?
i know some of the basic differences like new GUI based approach is there and security stuffs and UART is been added.
but when is comes to the code/stack how it will affect a developer like me to develop on bee-stack ?