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M52235EVB gcc opentcp arpinit

Discussion created by Petter Gustad on Apr 8, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2007 by Petter Gustad
I'm trying to include opentcp in my application. I have a small UART application which is writing data to the serial port just fine. This is on a M52235EVB. I'm using gcc under Linux. However, when I include opentcp and call arpinit in my program it will not run. This occurs even if arpinit is called at the very end of the program. It will lock up long before the it reaches the call to arpinit. If I change the #if 0 to a #if 1 I will never reach the arpinit.

  while (1) {
    if (uart_getchar_present(0)) {
      led = ~led;
      c = uart_getchar(0);
      if (c== 'q') {
#if 0

It seems like it's the inclusion of arpinit which is causing the problem. Any ideas or anybody who has experienced similar problems?