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Flash rom rountines using hc908 jk3 PROBLEMS

Discussion created by jon gan on Mar 6, 2007
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         i am quite new to mcu , so pardon me if i ask some obvious question haha..    I have been trying to write data to the flash for some time after reading through the flash posts in the forum. I have used both method ; the assembly and c language , both copying flash to the ram (if my code is not wrong). However, when my breakpoint reached (PRGRNGE.) or (ERARNGE). it cannot go into the rom rountines stating illegal address . My codes are referenced from an2346  an1831 and one more manual for the copying ram in c. I am really on my wits' end now. Hope  some one can give me some valuable advice .
       Another question that is bugging me is do we need to set some parameters in the debugger so that flash programming can be enabled?? i am using codewarrior 3.1 and i am afraid it is my hardware that is the stepping stone haha...Thanks for any help:smileyhappy:
Can i confirm that my reset port need to be held high (VDD+Vhi) in the debugger for the rom routines to work?
If i am not using rom routines, does i need to held it high too??
Thanks for any help!

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