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LC60 -> KBI1 doesn't work!

Discussion created by Mehmet Fide on Feb 27, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2007 by Mehmet Fide
I'm using MC9S08LC60. Its KBI1 module doesn't generate interrupt for me. All interrupts such as SCI, LCD, RTI work but KBI1 doesn't :smileysad: KBI1SC_KBF flag is never asserted.
Here is my KBI1 initialization:
  KBI1ES = 0b10000000;  // PWR_MON-RisingEgde, M_BTN-FallingEgde,
                        // D_BTN-FallingEgde, UST-FallingEdge, KLMS-FallingEdge
  KBI1PE = 0b11011000;  // PWR_MON, M_BTN, *D_BTN*, UST, KLMS
  KBI1SC = 0b00000100;  // Edge detect, KBIIE = 0
  KBI1SC_KBIE = 1;


Can you check for me please KBI1 has a bug?

SDID of the LC60 that I use: Rev=1, ID=12

Thank you.