aditya gawand

libebook not available in LTIB

Discussion created by aditya gawand on Jul 27, 2011

Hi People,


I am using imx25PDK, and trying to generate custom built rootfs using LTIB. I need to include app "cheese" in my rootfs since I need to work with the on-board camera. The problem is that build fails while building cheese since certain "libebook" dependency is not present. The ltib has no such option in the configuration menu so I can not add that. But the Freescale demo images (L2.6.31_MX25_SDK_0912_Image.tar.gz) have cheese in their rootfs so I don't know how exactly they got it working.

So I have removed cheese from my rootfs to see rest of the things are working or not, but later on I would be needing it. I have attached the error log. Any insights are appreciated, thanks...