Phil Endecott

Getting help / reporting bugs in Freescale's code

Discussion created by Phil Endecott on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2012 by Leon Woestenberg
What do people here consider the best thing to do with bug reports, or problems that look like bugs but need more investigation, in Freescale's kernel and library code?  I'm not aware of a bug tracker. This forum seems to be the only support venue, and it doesn't seem to be overflowing with Freescale people eager to hear about my experiences with their code. What do other people do? Just fix the bugs in your own trees not try to push them anywhere?  Here is my current issue: in drivers/mxc/ipu/ipu_device.c, at line 413 there is a call to wait_event_interruptible_timeout that does does not correctly handle signals. It should detect a <0 return from that call and cause the ioctl to return -ERESTARTSYS. That will cause libc to retry the ioctl after the signal handler has run. Instead it returns -1, which is -EPERM; the userspace IPU code assumes this error is a timeout which causes mxc_ipu_lib_task_buf_update to fail.  It would be great to have some nice smooth way to discuss and fix such issues, but my fear is that it is not so easy. Would anyone like to prove me wrong?