Reinhard Meyer

LCD "burn-in" issue with default LTIB image

Discussion created by Reinhard Meyer on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2011 by Mike Morrell

With the default LTIB built image there is no GUI included in the root filesystem, however the framebuffer is functional. This is fine for tests like "cat xyz >/dev/fb0". However after a few minutes the display gets turned off (probably some screensaver functionality). Apparently an extended stay in this state leads to some latent image burned into the LCD which can be seen when one boots one of the supplied SDcards with Linux or CE. That image fortunately fades away after a few minutes. But I am concerned the LCD might get damaged on the long run.

(I suspect the power stays applied, but the clock is stopped so that the AC drive of the pixels themselves is stopped and any DC value prevails?)

Q: what has to be done/called to keep the display from being turned off?




PS: sorry for sending this as a message first. I think I have now found the right way to add this as a discussion to the group ;)