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Need help in testing SRB boards

Discussion created by Wiroon Amorntrakoon on Jan 30, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2007 by Yu Yeung (Kenny) Ho

As a newbie, I have just received 1321XNSK-BDM and eager to get into it by testing the SRB board as per AN3230. Prior to testing the boards, I have installed

·        all drivers for USB and differentiate each  COM port correctly. NCB detected SRB1 and SRB2 while both SRB count $0-F with LED1 as LSB.

·        Test Tool, SMAC4.1C, 802.15.4 EVK1.063

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1.      According to AN3230, I can not get LED3 to flash on board two(Accelerometer Board) after press SW1 which means Application two(Accelerometer mode) will not run. TRIAX also did not recognize the correct COM port I feed which means I can not do all testing. The Accelerometer Demo supposed to be flashed into the SRB from factory. I haven’t come across the way to check what is in the flash. How do I remedy the situation?

2.      Many excellent demos are bytes over the limit of CW SE, how can I obtain an evaluation license for CW to meet the full purpose of demos.

3.      BeeKit Software Suite did not come with 1321XNSK-BDM, I can download the copy but what about the 90-day evaluation license.


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