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New and Confused about HCS08 Timers.  Please Help...

Discussion created by Jason Porter on Jan 18, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2007 by Jason Porter
I am reading data from serial port. I would like to time out and reset my pointers, etc. if I don't receive a character in 1ms. On other microcontrollers I use a timer/counter with an overflow interrupt. Every time i receive a character I reset the counter which delays the overflow interrupt. However if I get an overflow interrupt then I know I have timed out and I can reset my buffer. This is very basic and supported by almost all controllers.

I am new to HCS08 and it seems that the timers have a steep learning curve. So I started with processor expert to get a sample code I can start from. There are so many options for timers and counters but none of them offer the choices of overflow interrupt and reset.

I am using a GT60 HCS08 with 16Mhz clock and also using SMAC.

I would greatly appreciate anyone pointing me to some code snippet or processor expert bean choices that shows me how to do this on the HCS08.