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EVB52223 HID Example for USB, Implementation Problems, need Help

Discussion created by olivierm olivierm on Dec 20, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by olivierm olivierm
I'm trying to set usb up to talk to a PC from my EVB52223.
I runned the HID example. In that program when a reset occurs from the PC, a token DNE interrupt occurs in the same time (as it should be).
In My program the reset occurs but not the token DNE (dialog with PC impossible then)
The registers before the  Usb interrupt are identical before the reset occurs
GPIO QS UA and UC port registers are identical,
the buffer descriptors are placed at the same address, control registers of ep0 are identical in both programs (buffer address differs but that shouldn't matter, should it?).
I'm using the oscillator clock for 48MHZ input.  
The control of the MAX3353 are exactly the same (0x0 in 0x11 and 0x14 in  0x10).
The register at the time of the interrupt differs only because of the absence of that token DNE interrupt.
I've been stuck now for a while and i'm running out of idea
Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!