Richard Serge

Questions About BDM & 9s08GT16

Discussion created by Richard Serge on Dec 15, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2006 by Salvatore Cosentino
The BDM port coming from a Cyclone Pro has a connection for Vcc.

Is this one of its methods for powering up/down your GT16 target?

Does a 9s08GT16 need to be power cycled in order to reprogram it?

Can I leave off the BDM Vcc connection to my target?

Previously I've used the Vcc from the BDM on the Cyclone to power a QG8 target and that seemed to work just dandy. But I'm running under the assumption that a 9s08GT16 doesn't need a power cycle for reprogramming. Don't know where I picked up that info.

I'm laying out my GT16 board now, so please, if you answer, be accurate. I'm going to go by the answers I get here.