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HC08: Code Warrior newbie questions

Discussion created by Russ Ether on Dec 13, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2014 by Erich Styger
I'm new to Code Warrior.  Using it for the first time to program an
embedded app (Freescale MC9S08DZ60 microcontroller).
Although it is working well and I am making good progress, I have a few
1) In the data window in the debugger, occasionally a weird symbol in single quotes will
appear immediately to the left of a data value.  What is the meaning of
these symbols?
2) In the data window in the debugger, is there any way to export data
from the window into an external app like, say, Excel, for analysis?
Cut and paste appears to be disabled in this window, and I could find
no "export" feature.
3)  After compiling, how do I see a report of code and data size?
4) How do I inspect the stack in the debugger?
5) How do I view variables as the code is running?
I've read every doc I can get my hands on, but somehow must have overlooked the answers to these questions. 

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