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HC908GP __isflag_carry()

Discussion created by Carlos Hidalgo on Nov 21, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2006 by Carlos Hidalgo
I'm trying to check the carry bit using __isflag_carry() but keep getting the linker error
L1822: Symbol __isflag_carry in file ....c.o is undefined
According to the manual file,
"To avoid using HLI for this purpose, the Compiler offers a set of intrinsic functions. The code of these functions is inlined. The processor flags listed in Table 8.3 are read by the associated intrinsic function. "
Since it's supposed to be intrinsic, there does not appear to be a .h file to declare it.
What am I missing?  (CW V5.7.0 Build 2015, HC908GP)