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Problem with reading flash via EzPort.

Discussion created by Ivan Bolgarov on Nov 3, 2006
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2010 by OLEG KARPENKO
Good day.
I need to programm flash memory of mcf5211 via EzPort. Writing to configuration register, reading status, bulk erase and page program are seemed to complete correctly, because the propper flags in status register are set. The problem is to read out programmed data from flash, all data read is 0xFF.
May you give comment how to solve this problem.
Programming is implemented with byte-blaster on LPT-port. I tryed to use READ and FAST_READ commands.The cristal is running at 8Mhz(internal). I did not find the signal waveforms in the documentation. May be the problem is that data on EZPQ is sampled when data from flash is not ready?
Thank you for help.