Paul McConkey

Real world makefile and linker script examples for 5282 needed

Discussion created by Paul McConkey on Oct 23, 2006
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2007 by Petter Nordby
Does anyone have sample makefile/linker scripts for source targetting the 5282Lite (or similar)?
I'm not a good makefile writer and the time it is taking to learn the intricacies is more than the time spent coding at the moment!
The type of project I would like a makefile for has source files in sub-directories of the project. Objects are built in another directory (or directory tree). Object directories are automatically created when they don't exist. The toolchain is standard GNU (make, cc, as, ld, etc).
I need a linker script that will link all of this together into a bin that can be flashed to external flash.
My executables are of the boot loader/no OS variety.
Any suggestions gratefully received, two days reading GNU docs and Googling hasn't got me very far!