Jackson Yu

Flash size on QY2

Discussion created by Jackson Yu on Oct 16, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2006 by Eckhard Gosch
Sorry, I have a pretty **bleep** question.
How big is the flash size of QY2?
I have a board with HLC908QY2, and the guy who designed it loaded 2259 bytes of code into it, and the code starts from $EE00 becuase he used QY4 setup. The board works, and the code runs. I can upload the code, and reprogramm it using the same code. The tricky thing is, you can program it using USB multilink, but you can not do it using Cyclone pro (it will halt during the process, which makes sense to me due to address violation).
So, I got confused. Does QY2 actually have the same size of the flash like QY4? According to the datasheet, there are only 1536 bytes of the flash available in the QY2, and it starts from $F800.
Please help me on this. I appreciate it.