Alexander Kvashin

MC13213: high current in stop mode 3, why?

Discussion created by Alexander Kvashin on Sep 26, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2007 by Marco Bazzani
I am using smac 4.2 library. I am trying to put microcontroller to stop mode 3 using this code:
   SRTISC=0x00; /* Disable wake up timer. */
   SPMSC2=0x00; /* Enable deep sleep mode stop3. */
   ICGC1 &= ~((1<<2)|(1<<1));// disable osc.
   _asm stop

After that code i see that consuption current becomes equal 4-6mA - that is too big.
stop 1 adn stop 2 modes works fine.
The electrical circute is very simpe (see attachment)
Why so? please help.