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where can i find hc08 assembly variable definitions

Question asked by Ed Taylor on Sep 18, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2006 by Ed Taylor
i'm a newbie to codewarrior5 (and wasn't that hot on 3.1 either). i've managed to get everything installed and running including the  usbmono8 connection. i had cw5.0 create a new project with it's own main template. it has  some definitions and some assembler directives that i am not familiar with:
XDEF _Startup, main
i have typed one line of code:
             bset      5,PORTA
this generates an error   A1104: Undeclared user defined symbol:  PORTA
two questions:
where can i find documentation on the XREF XDEF etc?
where is the include file for the qt2 that i'm trying to work with? there is a line :
INCLUDE '' but the include file must not have any reference to "PORTA"
thanks in advance!!!
ed taylor